April 7, 2013

Indiana Governor to sign Bill Increasing Penalties for Marijuana

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Written by: Synnthetic Angel
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According to several recent reports Indiana is bowing to pressure from the private prison lobby, and intends to increase the penalties of possession of small amounts of Marijuana. This is happening in the wake of massive Marijuana and drug reform laws all over the country. Some people might say that this is Indiana trying to look tough and conservitive in the face of drug tolerance around the country, some people might just say that the Governor of Indiana is just an idiot, the truth is neither. The truth is that private Prisons LOVE inmates who are being held for no reason other then marijuana possession because they are easy to control, usually non violent, and great for prison slave labor. Something that should be illegal anyway, because it’s just another form of legalized slavery.


Buy a Half, go to Prison. Why? It’s good for business and labor’s expensive.

The Governor of Indiana is set to sign a bill making it a FELONY for possession of more 1/3 of an ounce of Marijuana and requiring those arrested for possession to serve a minimum of 75% of their time, as opposed to serving 50% with good behavior.
As the rest of the country moves towards legalization, Indiana seems to be solidly in the pockets of the Private FOR PROFIT prison lobby who realizes giddily that a high percentage of the state enjoys recreational marijuana use.
This has nothing to do with protecting people, if it did, the bill would force mandatory treatment and help for those with addiction problems, as opposed to more prison time, which has been proven unsuccessful in deterring people from drug use.This is nothing more then a bill intended to provide safe, cheap, nonviolent slaves to be used by the State and the Private Prison Companies.
This needs to go viral, NOW. Share this, talk about it, repost it, this kind of obvious treachery cannot be allowed to go unnoticed by the rest of the country.

Indiana Governor’s Office. Write them and Complain.



Indiana: Governor To Sign Bill Increasing Penalties For Marijuana – Democratic Underground

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Senators Up Marijuana Penalties To Appease The Governor (Earlier Article) – Indiana Public Media

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